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Direct Cremation Package from £995

The most basic of Funerals possible. Direct conveyance of your loved one to the Crematorium.

In certain circumstances it may not be necessary to hold a Funeral Service. The Direct Cremation Package covers all of the services required to carry out a very simple, non-attended Cremation with return of the ashes in a suitable container.

Nikki Eve Taylor will convey your loved one into their care, making the appropriate arrangements for a no fuss Cremation with no service held, no mourners present, no Hearse or Limousines and no flowers. All essential services are covered to ensure your loved one is laid to rest with dignity and respect, including collection of the ashes.
What's included in the Direct Cremation Package for £995 plus Disbursements
✓ Funeral Directors Professional Fees
✓ Collection and Care of your loved one
✓ Provision of a Basic Coffin for Cremation
✓  Conveyance of your loved one by Ambulance to the Crematorium
What are Disbursements?
In addition to the Funeral Directors Fees are the charges for services and products provided by third parties such as the Crematorium and Doctors Fees. These charges are grouped together under the umbrella of Disbursements.
Example of Overall Costs for a Direct Cremation
To demonstrate the overall costs of a Direct Cremation, please see below an example of the Disbursements based on a non-attended Cremation at Redditch Crematorium. Currently Redditch Crematorium is the only Crematorium to offer a non-attended Cremation Service at a reduced rate.
Disbursements for a non-attended Cremation
Redditch Crematorium for Cremation with no service
Doctors Fees
Total Disbursements:
Summary of Costs for a Direct Cremation
Direct Cremation Package
Total Cost of Funeral:
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